In the current scenario opportunities for nurses is only increasing. A nurse can choose from a vast number of options such as clinical research, administration, research, management, and others. We are a renowned college of nursing in Karnataka. In the healthcare industry there are vast number of people, of that nursing has the highest number of people. Healthcare industry is changing everyday as we speak. A professional nurse provides maximum comfort to patients; she treats patients with complete care, concern, and understanding. She indulges herself in other activities leading to prevention of illness and promotion of health. Hence, nurses are trained in sound education principles. Mother Theresa School of Nursing is a renowned school of nursing in Kolar.

Nursing offers vast number of opportunities to you. The demand for nurses is only increasing. There is a never ending shortage of trained nurses in western countries, Europe and in the Middle East, not to mention the rising demand at home. In tune with specialization in medical science, nursing education has moved into further specialities such as paediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, cardiovascular nursing, neonatal nursing, critical care nursing, oncology nursing among others. We are the best nursing school in Bangalore and we strive to provide the best training in nursing education. We at Mother Theresa school of nursing provide quality education, at the same time leading to overall development of individuals. As the country faces the challenge of shortage of nurses, our college is committed to train students for the welfare of the mankind, and meet the challenges of today’s complex work environment. We have the faculty members of international calibre who are ready to train students and make them nursing leader of tomorrow.