In the current world there is a vast opportunities for nurses. There is a lot of options to choose from for a professional nurse, she can choose from clinical practise, research, management, administration, industrial nursing and others. We offer best nursing courses in Bangalore. Of all the heath care forces, nursing has the highest number of people. Healthcare industry is getting transformed day by day. A professional nurse provides complete care with compassion, empathy and respect for clients, while helping them to attain maximum level of health. She also participates in other activities leading to prevention of illness and promotion of health. Therefore it is important to train nurses in the sound educational principles. Nursing is based on scientific knowledge which is ever expanding and diversifying into specialty areas.

The opportunities for a nurse are varied and limitless. The horizon of nursing has expanded widely with never ending shortage of skilled nurses in Europe, Western, and Middle East countries, not to ignore the demands at home. Keeping in mind these demand we provide best nursing training in Kolar. According to the specialization in medical science, the nursing education has moved into further speciality such as cardiovascular nursing, paediatric nursing, psychiatric nursing, neonatal nursing, critical care nursing, oncology nursing among others. We at mother Theresa school of nursing strives to achieve quality in education while ensuring overall development of each individual student. With increasing shortage of well trained nurses even in the domestic environment, our college is committed to prepare students to meet the challenges of today’s complex world. Combined with the efforts of the nationally renowned nursing faculties, our students receive an education which prepares them to be nursing leaders.